Suzie Burger.

Going back to another burger joint, Kyle and I decided to try out Suzie Burger because we would pass by it, traveling on the freeway back to Stockton.

… and also because I was an emotional wreck about my dad being in the hospital that I didn’t care what I ate. Just as long as I ate something by that point.

We park, and turns out that we were the only ones there at 8pm. We walk in, and the employees were super thrilled to have us there, saying that they were bored doing nothing haha.
Their menu has their burgers, but they also had cheese steaks. I do miss a good cheese steak. After contemplating the menu for a while, as we tell the cashier that it was our first visit, we order up and wait.

We sit down, and the building must have been an old mechanic shop as the dining area had the sliding doors and was super spacious enough with the many fans on the ceiling.

There were many pictures of the mascot of the place, Suzie. After observing the character, she reminds me of a futuristic burger themed Kim Possible. I think that’s what they were trying to shoot for.

I ordered their double deluxe bacon cheeseburger. Came with two patties, cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions (but I took those out), and pickles with their “special sauce” which we all know it was some kind of thousand island sauce. The cashier even said that they have add-ons that were free, or maybe it was free because it was our first time..? Whatever the case, I added mushrooms.
Either it was because I was hungry and/or emotional, but that was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Juicy and cooked to my perfection. Bomb dot com right there.

Kyle had their special. It was similar to mine, but with a fried egg in it. He enjoyed it, just wish it wasn’t that messy and also mentioned that they peppered the egg too much. I would probably agreed if I tried it, you can only season an egg so much until it becomes all you can taste.

The burgers were one of the bests in our books, BUT their fries, however, were the most burnt, oily, small little bites ever. If our stomachs were hurting that night, it was all due to the fries. It felt as if because of the boredom before we showed up, they were lazy and just gave us what was left over before making a new batch. I was super disappointed for being the first set of fries I’ve tasted from them.

Aside from the fries though because it is just a simple side dish, the burgers were top notch. Definitely no complaints there.


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