Sushi Hook.

A few days ago, my Aunt wanted to get together and discuss the next step for my dad, so we decided on dinner at Sushi Hook since it was close by from the both of us.

We get there, and the wait was different compared to most restaurants. “Please sign in” was all the podium said, so I did just that. The place was busy for a Wednesday night, as we waited a good while. Also apparently the place is understaffed with their “Help Wanted” signs on the door. Poor guys.

Kyle and I sat and my Aunt was on the way, giving us plenty of time to look over the menu and their sushi. The beauty of sushi places in Sacramento is that most of them that I’ve been to have 50% off rolls! What could be better than that?? I was super torn between my sushi rolls or a bento though.

They also served us some of this, whatever it’s called. Cabbage and cucumber with some dressing – that’s all I know of what it is.

Finally my Aunt came and we began chatting about the next plans. This was also the second time she and Kyle met and had a full conversation.

Minutes passed and we finally ordered after deciding that we do need to eat while we’re there. I caved and ordered my bento with the salmon teriyaki, tempura, and tuna sashimi.

Kyle had a side salad and his yellow tail nigiri.

My Aunt had some tempura udon.

We all shared a rainbow roll. This one was pretty good without all the sauces that most rolls come with. This one is now in my top five.

The food was pretty good. They’re pretty generous with their portions and the added on stuff that comes with it, it got me super full real fast. I just hope that they find more staff to train soon because I can see this place busy during this winter if it was hectic on a Wednesday evening.


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