Rest In Paradise.

I’ve had a lot of struggles in my life, but nothing has ever prepared me for this moment.

Two days ago, November 9th, I lost my father and best friend of 23 years. I never thought this day would come so soon. I don’t think anyone thinks about losing their parents at such a young age. Unfortunately, life played its unfair games once again and left me the victim of such heartbreak.

My dad was left in intensive care for about two weeks just to decide what was the next step for him, what his wishes would be. Given the fact that pretty much half his brain is gone and will be unable to communicate and understand, there was only one option for me to choose. It wasn’t easy, hell losing a loved one is never easy, but when you think about it selflessly, you start to focus on the bigger picture and know what would be best for them. Think about it in a way as if they were sitting right next to you, what would the say, what would they want to happen? I thought about it everyday, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry my heart out each time the thought occurred. When it came down to it, I was soon surrounded by family. We all sat in silence as we watch his last moments. 5:56, his heart stopped.

Right now, I’m currently taking the week off from work to recuperate and get everything done as far as the soon to be services, shutting down things, as well as possibly trying to sell the house. Again this is a lot for a 23 year old only child to handle, I would never wish this upon someone else.

I’ve been working on a “diary”, soon to be memoir, of this experience. Whether or not I’ll post it somewhere on here is still in consideration because it is quite the story that should be told to some.

Everyone’s been asking me if I’m okay. Of course I’m not, but I am happy with my decision. I can say that my dad isn’t suffering and he’ll always be with me, just in spirit – my own guardian angel.

Rest easy, dad. You’ll forever be missed by many, but will always be loved.
I’ll be back ❤


4 thoughts on “Rest In Paradise.

    • Thanks, everyone’s support lately means a lot to me. I don’t think I could even handle shutting people out like I do. It’s tough for me to be alone right now haha. If I didn’t make this post, I just know it would kill me to keep it bottled. Even you know, blogging – the next best venting system lol.

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