We Will Miss You, Champ.

Back in April, I recall of a post of where I talked about where my inspiration of Bailey’s photos came from and a Kickstarter book that soon became an idea of what I could do to expand my talents and grow beyond a snapshot.

Link back to “That Golden Dog” for reference.

Tonight, I bring the awesome mommy/doggy duo up again for such a sad story to be told..

About a month ago, Candice posted that Champ was diagnosed with cancer. Ever since then, they both have been in and out of vets like non other trying to regain his strength back and to fight cancer once in for all. Unfortunately with being a senior pup, the cancer continued on forward and then Champ became blind. That wasn’t going to let anyone down, as we all sent out our thoughts and prayers to both Champ and Candice. Still visiting the vet, there was nothing more they could do but to just hope.

Not to long ago, I stumble onto my Instagram to find this very heartbreaking post from Candice:

… my heart sank.

I’ve been following them for a good while now, and I will miss seeing their posts everyday. I’m sure this isn’t the end of Candice or Champ’s adventures. I have a feeling she will do something pretty remarkable in remembrance of Champ and the look forward to the future of what’s coming up.

For now, we’ll just look back on the last moments of Champ and know that he was really a family member for everyone.

I am so sorry for your loss, Candice. I for one am never great with the passings of any animal for that matter. I can’t imagine how much you are dealing with right now, but we all can agree that at least he isn’t hurting any more. Right now, I bet he’s running happily in spirit, watching over you as your own guardian angel puppy. With that said, he’s never really gone. He will forever remain in your heart and all of ours. You two will continue to be an inspiration for all of us, even me. There are still a few things Bailey and I could learn from you both.

Goodbye, Champ. We will miss you ❤

{Photos credited to Candice and Champ and the inspiration from them}


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