Coin Op.

Living in Sacramento, you learn that there are a lot of things to do out here depending on what you want to do. I’m not personally a fan of going to bars to waste money when you could easily just get wasted at home, but when it becomes all you ever do, you do need to try something different. Megan told me about this one bar Downtown that would be the ideal bar for me called Coin Op. This wasn’t an ordinary bar though, it was a bar with arcade games inside. Later that day, I looked it up and I knew I had to go there. A few nights ago, Kyle and I decided to check it out and invite a couple friends with us.

Cue in the crappy phone photos.

A bar placed perfectly in the center of all the games around it. What could possibly make this idea better? Maybe the fact that these games are still 25 cents to play! There goes a good five dollars that should be used on laundry.

Not much for alcoholic choices when it comes to mixed drinks, but it looks like a good selection for beers on tap.

I started the night off with two “Level One” drinks which sure did catch up to me minutes later. Touch of absinthe my ass!

… which later on led to a shot of the night.

The bathroom looked pretty cool. Maybe a potential idea whenever I have my own house to decorate.

This game and Tetris will forever be my childhood games.

Last beer of the night, I was really interested in this one, which was a S’mores beer. I had a feeling that it was a dark beer and I hate dark beers, but I gave this one a try. I think I found a new favorite beer.

We headed outside to check out the fun that was happening there. There was a human size Jenga and Connect Four. One guy I played with on Connect Four tried to cheat his way through it. Couldn’t stand the fact that I was winning, I suppose. He was a fun guy, so nothing personal.

Of course I would definitely come back when I get the chance, but it’ll probably not be for a while since Kyle’s friend broke a couple glasses and then threw up all over the place, so the bouncer had to tell us to leave. Thanks Corey..

Next time, invite people that can HANDLE their alcohol -.-


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