About a month ago, one of my coworker’s, Megan, told me about this restaurant she went to with her boyfriend called Maggiano’s. It’s yet another pricey pasta place, but she told me about this deal they have there known as just a “two for $40” thing. I know – sounds insane, but the more she talked about it, I was interested. Apparently this wasn’t just an ordinary deal, this deal contained a appetizer to share, two entree dishes, a desert, and TWO more entree dishes TO TAKE HOME. Compliments from the chef, I believe. Sounded to good to be true, but thought about trying it anyway. Katy and Juan said that the San Jose location was amazing, so last night we decided to give the Sacramento location a try, which is right at the malls. My home is a convenient food center.

Katy and Juan were pretty smart about setting a reservation as we got in there pretty quickly. Of course they start us off with some bread and olive oil. Too bad they didn’t have balsamic to go with, so we just sprinkled parmesan in the oil. Same thing, right?

Looking at the menu, we found the deal that Megan told me about, “Marco’s Meal For Two”. I was kind of bummed out that they didn’t have much of veggie options unless we wanted to pay a little more, so it really left me with no choice.

First drink of the night! I’m a huge pomegranate fan that anytime I see something pomegranate (or mango) flavored, I’m already sold. This one was just a simple cocktail that they made as a martini. It was sweet, fruity, and delicious. I just wish they had it in a bigger size.

Our appetizer of choice was the bruschetta, of course. We were torn with Kyle’s calamari or my tomato caprese, but we agreed upon that. It was good, but I started to believe that they didn’t have any balsamic at all since there wasn’t any drizzled on top. Sad face, but the kalamata olives were just as good for a change. Katy and Juan decided on a flat bread that was of decent size, unfortunately not pictured.

I’m not too much of a fan of eggplant parmesean, but this was absolutely amazing. Very flavorful and filling. The eggplant didn’t even taste like eggplant at all, which got me a little worried because it really did look like that of lasagna, but I was safe and ate about half until I asked for a box.

Kyle got their Baked Ziti, filled with Italian sausage, sauces, and a cheese blend.

For our entrees to take home, I settled for the Four Cheese Ravioli and had to pay a little more. Kyle just got their spaghetti and meatballs.

Second drink, Coppola’s Pinot Grigio. I decided on that one because I love Francis Coppola’s wines (thanks dad) and also because I needed something to go with our desert that wasn’t too friendly…

The Chocolate Zuccotto Cake, a chocolate lovers dream. Super chocolaty and rich, you better order a cup of coffee with this one. We ended up having to take half of it home with us.

Overall, I’d come back again. This deal was well worth the price and they have other dishes to try out, especially the fact that they have creme brulee. Definitely coming back for that.

As for the photos, I think I should strictly stick with Sidekick for those because my phone sucks with super dim lighting. If I’m going to do a photo review on anything, I now have to do it right.


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