I Just Need To Vent A Little….

Behind all the fun and food behind Life In A Photograph, there are some hidden unfortunate events that I try not to include within my posts. Things have taken its toll for a while now, I just need to get it out in the open.

1. Last Sunday, my bike was stolen from my patio. Just a swoop and run.
Katy and Juan were still at the house, all of us about to pass out when Juan and I heard a loud “THUD” outside. I didn’t want to think anything of it, but Chewie was barking. When he’s barking, we all know something’s up. I took a look outside the patio only to find that my bike was missing. I immediately ran outside to find a guy dressed in a security uniform. I told him that someone stole my bike, and he let me know that he did see some suspicious activity and he went to check it out and stuff. I gathered information that I could from him and asked if there’s anything he could do. He then has the decency to say, “there’s nothing I can do. I’m not security for this place.”
I’m sorry, rather if you are security for the place or not, if you’re willing to check out what’s going on, give me something to work with here. All he provided was the outfit of the thief, which wasn’t that much help as is. The only good thing about this is that the dumbass thief decided to leave their jacket and tool at my doorstep. Evidence for the win. Hopefully I can go to the police station soon just to turn it in. I mean, I’ve accepted the fact my bike is gone for good, I just want the jackass caught and karma bites him back. I hope I can witness this too.

2. Not only did this happen, but Kyle’s car has been broken into on more than one occasion. I’ve been getting irritated about the lack of security in these apartments, but now with my bike gone and an onlooking security guard that doesn’t even work here checking things about, I’m furious. I’m about one day away from talking to the office about everything. The thing is I wouldn’t be able to talk to them calmly and rationally. 10 months of living here, and I’ve been pretty upset about every little thing. We don’t pay $800 a month for nothing. This house and area just sucks.

3. I am now possibly out $20 from a possible eBay scam. A month later, and still no package.

4. I’ve been homesick since as long as I can remember. I’m not a fan of Stockton in general at all, but it is home. I miss my dad, I miss my friends, I miss everything I knew. I’ve honestly been thinking like “what if I did move back”, what would change? What would be the same? Even now, whenever I visit my dad, I don’t want to leave. Coming back to Sacramento only reminds me that “yes, you are on your own now”.

5. Speaking of my dad, I’ve been getting concerned about his health lately. A couple months ago before his birthday, he told me he was on some funky diet that he only eats certain things and consumes roughly 1000-1500 calories a day. The average male is expected about 2000 given that he exercises too. My dad shocked his body so much that it’s definitely taking a toll on him. Within a month, he lost so much weight that it’s pretty frightening to see. I ended up getting him some fruits so it doesn’t disrupt the diet, but also giving him something light he can eat for the time being. My dad does a lot of crazy things, but this one worries me.

6. Work is work, I understand, but I’ve never felt so drained before. Physically and mentally exhausted, I can’t seem to catch a break anywhere. 40 hours a week is no joke, so I’ve learned. I try to make time for things that I want to and have to do, but my excitement for anything is gone. Hanging out with friends? I give it a try, but now I’m based on a time limit. Cleaning the house? Ha! Good one. Put it this way, Katy and Juan cleaned my living room AND kitchen when they were here. Even right now, it’s back to being a mess, counter tops have all kinds of crap on top, trash in various places, nothing picked up. This mess is irritating me, but the lack of energy keeps me from doing simple chores. On the bright side, my bathroom is clean so there’s that..

7. When I thought my work was bad enough, Kyle has it worse now. He’s in the process of firing someone for stealing money from customers, while more people are quitting left and right. A manager quit a couple days, now having Kyle working from OPEN TO CLOSE today. Meanwhile, I guess his supervisor also told him about a store being built up now slightly farther away and wants Kyle to transfer over there. The catch? Kyle might not have a say in the matter. Awesome.

Just little things that have been playing around in my mind lately.

I’m just tired.

Completely tired.


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