Every time Katy and Juan come up for a visit, Juan always suggests us to try out this place called Oz. It’s a Korean BBQ restaurant, and I’ve always been curious of what made these type of places so popular. Since they’re living with us for a while, we decided to give it a try.

Located on Bradshaw, a different style of eatery awaits us. Unfortunately, even on a Wednesday, the wait was about an hour long. It was getting late and everyone was pretty hungry, but we tried to endure the pain, and every second of it sucked.

I was debating on whether to get a drink while waiting, but if it takes a solid ten minutes for the bartender to even acknowledge me (this guy walked past me multiple times and there was hardly anyone there!) just to order two glasses of water, then the drink was definitely not worth it.


When it seemed like forever, our buzzer finally gave us the “okay” and we happily and hungrily sat down to await our waitress. We ordered some things here and there and feasted like the Asian (and the one Mexican) kings we are.

Their wasabi salad was pretty good. Not to overly spicy at all. Just a splash of soy sauce will help with a sensitive palate.

It all came with a variety of sides. Some kimchi, noodles, broccoli, egg, and other stuff I don’t know.

Some other sides for the main course.

I guess the style is like a buffet: all you can eat. We started off with a couple of main courses with Juan’s Chili Pork and my Garlic Shrimp since it was the only thing on the menu I could eat. I did try the sauce of the pork because fatty. It was sweet with its subtle spice to it.

We also ordered fries because white folk…

… and some gyoza and Juan got some chicken wings that aren’t photographed.

These also came with some rice. Score.

Nearing closing time, they ordered their last round and went with some sauce marinated beef. I tried a little piece of this and the sauce was the best thing ever. If only they served the shrimp in that!

My rating, however, is pretty low to be honest. Granted the food of what I could eat was super good, but it totally wasn’t worth the hour wait and the fact that they give you a certain amount of time to stay your welcome is pretty lame. Two hours to get your money’s worth AND having to cook it yourself? No thank you. Plus limited veggie options if you’re not including the sides.

If you’re into spending $20 per person for a limited time dinning session, but still having to wait on it, this place is for you. I’ll come here once in a while, but now I know the Korean BBQ experience and will never have to wonder again.


2 thoughts on “Oz.

  1. Living with you guys for a while??? That’s so cool!
    Btw did you guys burn the pan? I had my first Korean bbq @ LA recently and because we packed it with so much meat and had the heat on high, we burnt the pan and had to get another one lol

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