Farrell’s is a family restaurant and ice cream parlor that has been around for years. With its ragtime patriotic theme, there is definitely no other place like it. I was introduced to Farrell’s by my dad (of course) a couple of months ago after telling me stories of such. It was only natural that Kyle had to visit too.

During my first visit, my dad told me to check the mirrors in the bathroom. I did and had quite the laugh. I told Kyle the same thing, as he took a photo just as I did.

The menu is of your basic entrees: sandwiches, salads, and burgers, but printed on “newspaper”.

I wasn’t too hungry, so I settled for my all time favorite: a grilled cheese.
Apparently Kyle has never seen anyone get excited over a grilled cheese. He obviously doesn’t know me at all…

Here at Farrell’s, there are a few things that they are known for and announce aloud to everyone as it is ordered. This sandwich happens to be one of them: the GastronomicalDelicatessenEpicurean’s Delight.. or Gastro for short. If you look this up, you’ll be surprised to find what is in this little sandwich.

Just like their sandwiches, they also have some well known ice creams which you can win a prize if finished. I did one with my dad and we got a couple of ribbons and an announcement. It was rad.
This time, we just stuck with something simple since we were already too full for anything else.

I can see why people like this place so much. It’s fun and has great food, let alone their selection of ice cream. If I could, I’d work here, but I can’t.. but that’s a story for another time.


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