Beach Hut Deli.

There are a couple of restaurants that are near my work that I’ve been meaning to try out sometime. Beach Hut Deli happens to be one of them. While we were out in West Sac running errands, we decided to give them a try.

Of course within the name, their specialty is sandwiches. You’d think I’d be tired of sandwiches, but whatever. Unfortunately when browsing, there were only a couple of veggie options. One looked good, so I settled with that.

Oh, and when you walk inside, you get a big smell of bacon. It was a heaven that I’m not invited to.

We got a side of pasta salad, which I was unimpressed with. It was very liquefied and completely bland. $3 for this mini thing? Never again.

I chose the Monterey, which has avocado, cream cheese, sprouts, and other normal sandwich things. What sold me was the cream cheese on the sandwich, what got me hooked was the fact they are freaken generous with their avocado.

I think Kyle got the Surfin’ Bird, which has the same things my sandwich had excluding sprouts, and with various meats. That bacon tho.

Overall, their sandwiches are fantastic. There are three sizes to choose from, and even with the small size I got, I was insanely full. I’d come back next time without a doubt, just avoiding the sides and staying closer to the one near my work.


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