Dad’s Birthday.

My dad’s birthday falls on the 15th this month, and naturally the question always pops up when the time comes, “What do you want to do for your birthday?”, which is then followed by: “nothing”. Of course he would tell me things like, “don’t waste your money” or “don’t request it off”, but I did both anyway. Unfortunately I had to work regardless, but a brief conversation with my fellow supervisors and I got off early.

A couple days prior, my dad texted me, asking if I was still making the trip and what he should make for dinner that day. It was hard giving suggestions since he’s on some weird diet where he can’t eat a lot of certain foods. He narrowed it down to three things that could satisfy, but won’t be completely cheating the meal plan: enchiladas, curry, or tomato udon. Whichever he chose, it was like he already knew what my top cravings have been for a while now. When we got to the house, I immediately darted to the kitchen to find out what the meal of choice was: tomato udon.

We kicked back, relaxed, and got caught up on all the things that happened since the last visit and then some. Right after, he opened his gift Kyle and I got for him. He was a happy big kid when he opened to find a mini drone.

Even I had fun with the thing. Maybe I should get one of my own.

The crappy thing about living in Sacramento that when anyone chooses to visit, we all have a close total of 2 hours of driving time just to get there and back. Because of this and the fact I had work the next day, we always have to leave at a decent time. One final picture and we were on our way.

Happy birthday, dad. Hope that drone gives you oodles of endless fun.


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