Two Years.

Today marks my full two years with my work and the company. I tend to get sentimental with my anniversaries, so bare with me as I reminisce a few things.

Stockton crew, we were the definition of a dysfunctional family that worked together well.

Christmas Parties:

Messing Around On The Clock:

When there was any event planned, you best believe we all traveled together as each other’s plus one.

Olivia’s 22nd Birthday:


Drunken nights:

Vanessa’s Baby Shower:

Maria’s Wedding:

Of course, change is inevitable..

First day in Sacramento:

Of course, I paid my visits:

.. and they’ve paid theirs:

Of course when it comes down to it, friends start to change, also leaving you to get caught up with past friends:

Along the way, you’ll deinitely end up meeting some awesome people:

.. but also realize who were your real friends from the beginning:

Aside from relationships, this has been the best job ever. I’ve been treated well, worked hard for everything earned as they made sure it was recognized, and I feel comfortable to pursue more. Goodbye GSR, hello shift supervisor.

Change may be inevitable, but let’s aim for another two years.


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