Rodriguez Baby Shower.

Sunday was Katy and Juan’s baby shower. I had bought my gifts wayy ahead of time, so you can imagine my excitement when the day came to reveal the best gift ever, no lie.

My gift is behind the bag with the bears. That one is actually Kyle’s gift to them.

The shower was held at their house, having a mini bar-be-que in the backyard with some friends and family. To this day, I still don’t know all of their names, even though I’ve known some of these people for a good while.

Katy’s mom could be a model if she wanted to. My opinion.

After everyone ate and said their hellos, it was cake time. And there was an abundance of cake.

Unfortunately, being a Tres Leches cake, it was starting to melt by the time we had gotten there, so I quickly snapped my photos before they had to cut the thing in half just to get it to fit in the refrigerator.

Next, it was time for gifts. I think it was safe to say that the boxes among boxes of diapers was the best gift ever.

If you’re curious to know what I had gotten them, I made a basket fill of one of each item for each baby: a blanket, a hat, a funky pacifier, socks, and a baby journal that their parents can work on (when they have free time).

The thought of Juan and Katy having a baby – or twins in this case – is still odd to me since they’re still kids themselves, but I know they will be great parents. Things will be different once they are born, but they can’t hardly wait until their day comes to say hello.

I can’t wait you meet you, Fia and Gian. Please arrive soon and safely ❤


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