300WP – Prompt Two.

~ Have you ever spoken up when you saw something going on that was wrong? Were you scared? What ended up happening? ~

I have my fair share of speaking when something felt not right. In fact, it’s one of my good, but bad traits of mine. I’m always there with such honesty and insight that people tend to be annoyed with my pure judgement. I could go down the list of events that I’ve been involved with, but I’ll just stick with the latest one. Plus it also gives me a reason to share this story:

Three weeks ago, Kyle and I took a late night grocery trip to Wal*Mart and was heading back home. We stopped at a red light, the corner or Howe Avenue and American River Drive. Here we are with a white car on our left of the intersection. Just your typical stop light wait. All of a sudden, we both hear harsh tires screeching. Our first instinct was to drive the red light, but we both didn’t know where the sound was coming from, so we remained at our permanent spot until I could get a clear view of what was happening. Seconds later, I see that same white car pass over the median, barely hitting our back bumper, as they drive back on American River and park. The next thing I saw was a white truck that came out of nowhere. He was trying to brake harsh, but even he knew he was going too fast. He too passed over the median behind us and ended up crashing into the only wall that was available, the whole truck flipping over. Kyle ended up parking and immediately called the police to report.

I gave the gal my report and what had happened. The best question was when she asked if there were any injuries, and I’m just thinking to myself, “ well the truck is upside down. You tell me, lady”. I answered in the nicest way possible, but you catch my drift. After I give my story, she tells me that someone was on their way to the scene and asked if I would still be there. Mind you, this is getting close to midnight and I had work in eight hours. I told her and I quote, “well I’m actually just heading home. I thought I would do the right thing to help out and report it”. She chuckled a bit and took my information down in case they needed to ask further questions.

Was I scared? Of course, I was almost in that accident.
What happened after? That still remains a mystery to me. Even when attempting to find some kind of news online about the accident, nothing is available.
Let’s just assume that everyone is okay so it stays a positive conscience.


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