Sinister 2.

Sunday after the rose garden event, we also made a plan to go out and see Sinister 2. If you haven’t seen the first one, I’ll give you a brief synopsis.

Sinister is a thriller about a one time best selling author (played by the very lovely Ethan Hawke <3) that tries to redeem his first book since 10 years by him and his family moving into the house of a murder case and basing his next crime novel on the story. There he finds a box full of film reels in his attic and decides to watch them each night, which he then discovers that these films are evidence to past crimes. Things start getting a bit bone chilling when he digs into more than what he should have, having the boogeyman "Bogul" (or whatever his name is) after him and his family.

Not to give too much away, all cases end the same: family gets murdered and one child of the family ends up missing. This is the doing of "Bogul", choosing one child to manipulate (in a sense) to kill their family and join him and the rest of this kid group to continue on his legacy.

This was by far the best horror film I've watched in a very long time. The suspense kept me at the edge of my seat, the story was perfect, not to mention the use of the films in the movie make you very curious to watch yourself. As soon as I heard that there was going to be a part two, I couldn't say no.

First thing’s first, food. I haven’t eaten since work and movie theater snacks just sounded perfect. Popcorn, nachos, and a Coca Cola Icee. Best dinner ever.

Not to mention the smuggling of outside food, just in case.

The second film was the same concept, but now the story revolves around the ex-sheriff from the first movie that was helping the author with some information. Knowing too much, he goes around homes that have been in the same murderous scenes and tries to eliminate them so “Bogul” can’t come back. All that backfires when the last house he travels to is occupied with a single mother with her two twin boys. He tries to help them as much as he could without giving the mother too much detail of what her house is capable of. The movie is now also based on how a child gets chosen and learn more about the past kids’ stories as well. Long story short, one of the twins was chosen and the fate of their lives was basically in the hands of the sheriff. I’m not going to spoil the ending, but I will say that how it did end, I’m looking forward to part three.

If you haven’t seen part one, I suggest you do and then continue on with part two. After watching the second movie, you’ll never want to have kids ever. Kidding, but I’m serious..


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