Panko Crusted Baked Salmon.

I had bought a box of panko some day ago because it was really cheap and I’ve been meaning to make something with it. The other day, my grocery store had 6 oz salmon fillets for $6. I thought it would be perfect.

I looked up a recipe earlier because I never cooked salmon before and came across this one from Simply Recipes.

First get your ingredients. I had to buy the paprika and honey mustard. It also called for salt, pepper, thyme, olive oil, and parsley, but I eliminated parsley.

Lay out your salmon on an aluminum foiled baking sheet.

Prep your mixes together.
For the mustard mix, mix 2 tablespoons of honey mustard with a teaspoon of thyme.
For the panko mix, mix 2/3 cups of panko, 1 teaspoon thyme, and 4 teaspoons of everything else.

Begin coating your salmon by using a spoon to add the layer of the mustard mix and then an even coat of the panko mix on top.

Pop in the oven preheated at 400 and let cook for 13 minutes.

In the end, it should look something like this,

Serve with some rice and your favorite veggies and dinner is served.


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