Vampire Penguin.

For months now, Kyle’s been mentioning this “place” he wanted to take me, but never could because our schedules conflict. Not to mention that he kept this place a secret until he made sure we were able to go. Today, the cat was let out of the bag when he told me he was taking me there after I got off work.

Located way down south of Sacramento, we were introduced to Vampire Penguin – home of their famous “snow-like” shaved ice.

The decorations were how you would expect a place called “Vampire Penguin” to be: lightweight gothic. Dark chandeliers and lanterns, Halloween colored paintings on the walls, and even a gargoyle statue sitting on top of the counter. Different and cute.

When we got to the counter, I told the gal that it was our first time and she let us know how they worked. They have a set menu of flavors you can choose from or we could create our own with some toppings for free depending on size. We glanced at the menu and noticed someone else picking up their one order. We decided to give that a try and carried on to our choice table.

They also sell local art there too. Some of them were kind of cool, but not quite my style. There was a Bruce Lee portrait someone created that I was tempted to get for my dad, but I didn’t have $150. The portrait was cool though.

It all came down to this: their popular deluxe size Strawberry Cheesecake snow ice thing (I don’t know what they call them here, oops). The thing could be shared among three to four people, but we decided to be hardcore and eat the whole thing ourselves because we’re fat like that. It was super good. The ice was super soft like snow and the flavors were refreshing. They also topped it with graham cracker powder, sliced strawberries, and cheesecake chunks.

My first time having shaved ice like that and it was absolutely the best thing ever. Super soft and not too filling like most ice creams can be. I bet during the mid-summers, this place gets busy. I would definitely come back here when I have the time and the ride. 100% recommend to anyone.

Next time, maybe I will ask where the name “Vampire Penguin” originated. I’m really curious to know.


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