McKinley Park, Pt. 2

Some months ago, Kim came over for the first time for an overdue photo date (see post here). Our first stop was at a rose garden in McKinley Park where I took photos that were only decent to me. Tonight, Kyle took me back to the same park just to take photos of now bloomed out nature, but to me, it was to redeem myself.

First, you can’t just go to a park and not take some cliche geese/duck photos. You have to say hi to them after all.

Finally, we made it to the rose garden where you can also take an endless amount of cliche flowers too.

I also have to get a couple shots of Kyle doing Kyle things.

Side note, I’d like to thank Kim for pushing me to download Lightroom for my photo edits. It has so much more tools I could use than just to use the basic editor that came with the computer. A million times thank you for the best thing I could ever use.

Anyway, I’ve grown to like this garden. It’s peaceful and beautiful once the buds decide to not be shy and show off a little. Any one is welcome to view such beauty. They just only ask one thing of you:


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