Willie’s Burgers.

Around 9:30 yesterday, we were waken by Juan and Katy at our door. She had a doctor appointment in Sacramento in the morning and surprised us with a visit (and a box of fruit from a nearby Farmer’s Market). After saying our hellos, we traveled Downtown to try out Tower Cafe. Unfortunately they were super packed by the time we got there and I had work in a couple hours, so we tried out a close by burger joint, Willie’s Burgers.

Burgers that are inspired from L.A. and located on 16th Street, this place screams out “Dive” with it’s rundown shack and the pungent aroma that surrounds the area. Not to mention a low budget gas station neighbors of the place.

Their menu was pretty self explanatory with it’s options. Choose how many patties and cheeses you want, add other stuff if you want, add chili on top. Little things like that. They also serve fries, shakes, and other sandwiches if your not in a burger mood.

The three got their burgers. Katy with her plain burger, Juan with all the things he likes as long as it gets covered in hot sauce, and Kyle with his quadrupling size of food as he adds on bacon and pastrami. Katy and Juan also added on some fries, onion rings, and a coffee shake to their meal.

I went with one of their special sandwiches. It had mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, spinach leaves, and I added avocado. I also added some fries for Kyle and I to share (which I ended up eating most of them) and a mocha shake.

At the end, I was in a massive food coma that I was in pain til after work. Despite the location, the filth, and the smell, it was actually pretty damn good. I would recommend this place for take out. There is hardly any seating inside and the patio, while it does have enough shade, there are a few pesky bugs that want to say hi. Plus that stench, I can’t do it. Other than that, this place is definitely a try out.


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