300WP – Prompt One.

~ What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day? ~

Late night slumbers are never entirely my thing. I’m fact, I’m an insomniac – couldn’t get a decent amount of sleep even if my life depended on it. When it comes to laziness, I take advantage of it whenever I get the chance. Now I could spend this post just talking about all the different ways I can waste an afternoon – browsing the internet, playing the numerous games on my phone, or even Instagram stalking on those who like my posts – but none of those come close to being a “favorite way”.

When I dream, it’s usually something off the wall – no words can explain it rather. I become intrigued and fall deeper into the dream with no awareness of my body’s surroundings. Each moment pulling me in closer and closer. Suddenly a slight jolt sends my nerves a message, perhaps to tell me it’s time to wake up? I ignore as I carry on to see where the dream ends. Nearing what seems like the end, I feel a minor cold wetness on my face. The dream plays it off like it’s part of what’s attracting me, but I know better. I know exactly where this watery substance is from. I give in to the jolts as I peek my eyes open, only to find a black nose in my face. “Good morning, Bailey,” I would say as my dog starts licking my face and pawing at my blankets. Now I know where the jolts are coming from. I lift the comforter up as she walks underneath, circles around for a bit and plops down right at my side. Nothing beats a lazy day like a puppy to share a dream with.


Trying a new category out. I was told to post my prompts on here, so I’ll start with 300WP since I’ve already started on it. Haven’t decided on a set schedule for this yet. Maybe one prompt a day? One a week? I have now 299 of them left. We’ll see how this all works out.


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