Mini Golf.

A couple weeks ago, one of my coworkers had invited me to go to his and his friend’s open mic event. It happens every other Tuesday and I planned out the 18th that I was going. Of course it was out in Antelope, so I had to wait for Kyle to get off work if we wanted to go. The night before, I texted my coworker to make sure the event was still on. It was, but he was scheduled to close that night so he couldn’t go. I still went anyway to check it out… or at least tried to. It was held at a library in what looked like a small conference room. Kyle and I got at the library a bit after 7 and the door was closed. I would’ve felt awkward just to walk in and not see my coworker. After some time browsing books, we left to find something else to do. At this point, it was already close to 8, so we had to make a decision fast. I had Sidekick with me to take photos of the event. We had two options: figure out a place to take photos at in five minutes because the sun was setting or find a place to roam around in 30 because everything closes at 9. We started heading back home until Scandia Family Fun Center came to mind since it was close by. Soon enough, we agreed on a friendly game of mini golf.

For a family center, it was a tiny arcade with expensive prices. $20 just for us to play 18 holes. Too much. There were also batting cages and bumper racing, but we didn’t care to look into those

So the thing about me and mini golf is that I absolutely suck if one can really suck at playing mini golf. Even if I tried to play, the outcome would still be the same if I didn’t try. If that made sense.

I loved the little homes around. They were really cute and small.

This once kind of reminded me of the house in “Up”.

At the end of the game, I lost tragically with my score being 76 but Kyle wasn’t too far behind with his 60 points. Guess I wasn’t too bad after all. It was fun though, something we can now cross off our “Things That Couples Do” list. Yes, it took close to 3 years to play mini golf. We suck as a couple haha.


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