Wine Night.

A couple coworkers and I have been trying to plan a wine night as we established that it would be at my place. We planned out a night, but that ended up not happening. Naturally we tried again on Wednesday. It was a success.

Prior to their arrival, I made sure the house was spotless. One does tend to be super lazy when working all week long. I bought some snacks, a pizza just in case, and began my role as hostess once I had everything laid out and ready.

I also made sure the dogs were on their best behavior too.

Coworkers Stacie and Catalina showed up right on time simultaneously and the night began.

I didn’t take a lot of photos that night because it was too much fun to keep bringing out my phone every hour or so. The three of us downed the first three bottles, nagged about work (of course), and just geeked it out talking about video games, movies and tv shows, and various other things. Finally people that understand me here.

It all came down to the last bottle and Stacie went home because she had an appointment in the morning and the fact she can’t drink reds. We said our goodbyes and Cat and I continued the last of the bottle…. until she said “hey, let’s go get another bottle!.” Naturally my buzzed self agreed and we were on our way to the store. The beauty and danger of where I live is that there is a liquor store right next to the complex. Five minute walk, and you’re there. I bought another bottle and I swore we ran back to the house to finish what we had left.

Meanwhile, I made sure there was food just in case, so I bought a margherita pizza for us to share. It definitely helped a lot until we cracked open that final bottle. Everything went downhill, but it was worth it. Eventually she went home after chilling out for a while and I was so drunk that I passed out before 11:30. That’s pretty early for me.

The next day, the three of us had work together and talked about a part two. We agreed on that it’s in the works, but it won’t happen for a while haha. A lot of fun, but a lot of wine. After that, I dubbed these two as really good friends. Friends that I need and friends that I want.

As we plan on part two, I’m making sure it’s to where they can stay all night. No one’s leaving the house drunk and getting another bottle down the street d:


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