I Love Teriyaki.

When I was living in Fresno, Clovis had a restaurant called “I Love Sushi” (signage as “I ❤ Sushi"). My dad and I would always joke about the name. When I moved out to Sacramento, there are quite a chain of them, but called I Love Teriyaki. I looked both of them up and I guess they’re sister stores of each other, so naturally, I tried one of them because Kyle had I Love Teriyaki before me.

There is a store right off Marconi and Fulton, so I decided to give it a try, despite my hatred on Marconi Street. We ordered a teriyaki chicken bowl and their Rainbow Roll. For being my first visit, I was disappointed. Their bowls were really basic with just rice and chicken with a drizzle of teriyaki sauce on top and their roll wasn’t a variety of anything. Not to mention the cashier wasn’t the friendliest of people.

I then had a second visit because Kyle wanted it for some reason. I had other plans that following day, so I just went with it. This time I ordered a noodle dish and asked the (now different) cashier her favorite roll and went with that.

After paying for everything, we grabbed our drinks and sat down. The seating is like your typical hole in the wall Japanese restaurant where you have the small beverage station, the floor spacious enough, and the only thing emitting sound was a small flat screen playing daytime TV (can never go wrong with Maury, I guess). I ordered a Sobe because I haven’t had one in years, but the happiness was gone after I took my first sip. It was either old or it’s because since I haven’t had these in so long, my taste bus have changed, but this bottle wasn’t good at all.

I ordered the Seafood Noodle dish, which had noodles, shrimp, calamari, some veggies, and rice on the side. When the lady brought it out, this place was bigger than me. It was like I barely ate anything at the end. The one thing I didn’t like was that their calamari was the tentacles of the squid. I’ll still eat it, but it always freaks me out when I stare at it too hard.

Kyle had the Beef Noodle dish which was essentially the same thing as mine, but with beef strips instead of seafood.

This roll was recommended to us, The Natomas Roll. I can’t remember what she said was in it, but she had me at avocado, shrimp tempura, and sashimi. It was definitely a redemption from the first visit. All different flavors you can taste, the various sauces blended well together. I was about to order another one of these just to take home.

Though their second visit was better than the first, I still wouldn’t come here unless someone else wanted it and I had no say in the matter. But definitely try out the Natomas Roll. It’s the only thing there that gives me hope.


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