Bonnie’s Birthday.

On Thursday, it was my coworker Bonnie’s 23rd birthday. She pretty much invited everyone at the store to come through, but haven’t made a direct plan on the engagement. I had to close that night, so she kept me posted on where they were going to be by the time I was off.

After I went home and quickly got changed, she tells me to meet up at the Red Rabbit, a bar Downtown. Kyle and I headed their way and met up with a few other coworkers of mine.

The place was super crowded as it pretty much was a Friday by the time we got our drinks.

I had some kind of peach drink that didn’t even taste like peach and a cider for good measure. I was still a little crappy from the wine night, so I didn’t want to overdo it again.

“Dealers Choice: Trust your bartender”
… I think I’m all set.

We all then headed next door to this bar that was a like a mini bar and club together. Not my scene, but it was funny watching some of the guys dance around. Some of us shared a pitcher of beer and called it a night since some of us had work the next morning. Kyle and I left around 12:15 because we were broke until payday a few hours later. Lame.

Once again, there aren’t a whole lot of photos because I can’t be seen with these guys technically. Because I’m training supervisor, I can’t hang out with any worker “lesser of my position” in a sense.. which I think it’s a bunch of crap, but whatever. This may be the first and last time I get to hang out with them, but overall it was pretty fun to see what they get to do on their nights rather than just hear the stories, plus get to know a couple of bars in town that I’ll probably never go to again. A fun post-weekend was what I needed before the long days of training to close happens. Fun stuff..


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