Natomas Regional Dog Park.

I’ve been trying to find places that the pups would like out here. So far, nothing has struck me just yet.

I’ve been a frequenter on where it gives you a list of dog friendly areas. I check that from time to time to see if there’s anything going on for the day. Most of them are dog parks, but that’s to be expected. I checked out some of them and their reviews and there was one that peaked an interest. Got the dogs ready and headed out.

We went out to Natomas to check out this dog park people seem to love. The area was a dog and family park all in one. Nice little set up. We walked inside the dog park where there were happy dogs all around.

Finally a dog park with some dogs around. It’s hard to find some with weather conditions.

What I’ve noticed about our pups is that Bailey likes to fly solo depending on the type of dogs around. She’s super playful with dogs her size, but when it comes to the big ones, she turns the other way. I think it was because when she was only a few months old, I took her to one of Kyle’s friend’s house that had a big dog. She wasn’t too fond of him right away as she would ways yelp for me to get her.

She can be social though… just only with people -.-

Chewie, on the other hand, is free spirited. Ha can make friends right away and is the most social doggie-fly you’ll ever met. He can become close with dogs and humans at any time.

.. perhaps just a little too close.

Aside from the duo, there were lots of other breeds around. There were a couple of Dobermans that Chewie hung out with the entire time we were there. Long lost cousins, maybe? There was also this cutest Pit that was super squatty. There were also these two beautiful dogs, a Akita and this one tall dog with gorgeous long white fur. In the small dog area, I noticed both a Bulldog and Shiba puppies. They were so cute, I wanted to cry!

About an hour, we decided to head home. It was good for them to get to know other dogs around and the people there are real nice. I think we may have found a spot to come back to. I wouldn’t mind this place as our go-to from now on.


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