About two-three weeks until my promotion and I couldn’t turn down a celebratory dinner. What do I choose? Of course, sushi!

We went to Kanpai in Folsom just to choose out a place. We briefly checked out a menu when we got there and it had everything we wanted. Kyle’s been on a ramen kick ever since Shoki and of course I was the one with the sushi craving.

We were seated and there were some cute decorations around.

I only took pictures of the ones next to us. I’d feel weird just walking around the restaurant, taking photos.

We started on some tempura for an appetizer and took fifteen minutes to decide on dinner. So many options, too little of a stomach to even attempt.

Kyle had some nigiri and his “ramen”. Unfortunately the place was out of ramen noodles, so he settled for udon instead. Quite frankly, I’d choose udon myself in a heartbeat.

Whenever I go to a new sushi place, I always try out their Rainbow Roll to determine how good their sushi really is. Various sashimi with their own roll and sauces/toppings they place, it will make it or break it for me (and I’ve had some pretty bad ones). This one was pretty good, I approve! Their roll had light sprouts and something fried inside. It also had a kick of spice, not something you’d expect in a rainbow roll. Definitely a perfect choice.

I also got a donburi because I wanted some rice with my meal and chicken to take home for the dogs haha.

We ended everything with some mochi ice cream. Strawberry is a great refresher for the palate.

I would come back to try out the rest of their menu. It’s reasonably priced and their portions are more than enough for what we got. Food coma is inevitable.


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