San Jose Bound.

Last week was Katy’s birthday, but of course, work gets in the way of events. The four of us had established a San Jose date the weekend after her birthday. Friday, we were on our way to their house for the night to head out for a all day fun getaway.

… or at least that’s what we thought.

1. Kyle, Juan, and I were up most of the night drinking. I passed out early before the guys, but because they didn’t crash out til late, they overslept.
2. Katy’s pregnancy cravings get in the way at times… especially when she wants waffles after one o’clock. They had to go to the store for most ingredients, which led to a longer delay.
…but the waffles came out great.

3. I had the biggest migraine ever that lasted all day. It was the worst.

We didn’t head out to San Jose until after 3 pm. Which meant that we didn’t get into town til five.

Katy wanted to check Japantown out, so we started with that, I was a small strip of road, but we did find a couple of eats to try out when we come out next time. Before we settled on one place to eat, we looked around. We came across a Japanese market and looked inside. I ended up buying a couple sauce bowls because they were cute with puppies on it and a bamboo sushi roller since I’ve been talking about making rolls someday.

When it came down to dinner, we had to find a place that had all of our cravings. Katy wanted curry, Juan wanted tonkatsu, I wanted sushi, and Kyle wanted ramen. As simple as it would be to find an Asian place with all of these, it was surprisingly pretty hard. We did end up finding a place some minutes later, but only because the place had a display outside showcasing what they serve. It was like they heard us.

The place was called Kazoo and according to their menu, they are well known for their sushi boats. But that’s not what we’re here for, sorry.

For appetizers, Kyle and I started with some tempura and edamame. Katy and Juan went with some edamame as well and Katy had some ochazuke. All of our dishes also came with a side salad and three of us had miso soup.

I got what was known as a Happy Boat, a single person boat serving. Sushi and rolls with my choice of protein. I chose the teriyaki salmon.

Kyle had some beef udon. He claims this as his first time having udon, but speaking from the leftovers he ate at my dad’s house when family was over, that’s a lie..

Katy and Juan found exactly what they wanted in one dish: curry tonkatsu. The curry was fantastic, but needs more spice.

This place was good, but the service was super fast that our meal came out literally five minutes after our appetizers came out. Got too full too fast.

Katy also had a craving for shaved ice, so of course we had to get desert to top the food we tried to finish that ten minutes ago. She got her shaved ice with lime and lychee while I tried my first avocado smoothie.

It was the best thing ever, I may have to find a recipe to make this myself.

My intention for coming to San Jose is to go to Daiso because I can find a lot of stuff for the house for $1.50. The stores alone were closed by the time we were done eating, so we had to travel to the Great Mall to browse. I was also trying to find Katy a couple of gifts here and there for her birthday, but it was kind of hard to do that when she was standing right next to me all the time. By the time we got to Daiso, we had only 30 minutes until closing, so I couldn’t do much browsing. I got a couple of things here and there, but I might as well gift shop online. Plus I would have to do so anyway because of her baby shower coming up.

Last stop was in Downtown San Jose were Katy introduced us to yet more food: Psycho Donuts.

I had the Fung Shui with green tea icing and chocolate chips, Kyle had the Canadian Morning Squeal Meal that was basically your chocolate drizzled maple bar, but topped with bacon. It smelled too good.

After donuts, Katy took us to The Bijan, a little bakery across the street.

We ended up taking four chocolate covered strawberries, a raspberry tart, and two almond biscottis home.

The drive back home was fast, but Kyle and I still had anther hour to get back to Sacramento. Despite the delay and how much food we ate, it was a great day. San Jose never disappoints ever. Of course this is our home away from home whenever we get the chance.


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