Birthday Brunch Celebration.

Zach’s birthday was on the 16th, and of course, busy family means a soon to be get together that same weekend. Most of the family’s events usually ends up being us going out to eat somewhere, and most of the time it ends up being at Denny’s. Not trying to say anything bad about free food, but at Denny’s, there are hardly any veggie options and I’m just tired of it in general. So, you can imagine my relief when I was told a different restaurant. We headed down to Lodi around 10 in the morning to meet up with the others.

We got there surprisingly pretty early. Kyle called his dad and said that they haven’t left the house yet. Which meant another 30 minutes longer. We took some time to wonder around Downtown Lodi.

After a little walk around, we decided to get seats before it got too busy.

The Dancing Fox is where we went. Like any other place in Lodi, it was quaint little winery restaurant. We were seated and our waiter (who was pretty darn cute, if I might add) told us that we still had time for brunch, as well as ordering off the lunch menu. I had to opt out of brunch this time since nothing on the menu interested me, except for the country potatoes. I love me some potatoes though.

I loved the decor and ambiance there. Super gorgeous.

Of course, you can’t come to a winery without a little taste. The Sparkling Raspberry is perfection.

Eventually everyone else showed up, said our hellos and started choosing out what we wanted. I had already planned my meal ahead of time.

Kyle and his dad chose the bunch, where you get an omelette and various other bar pickings. Of course I made Kyle snag me some potatoes.

I did the Veggie Delight, but changed a couple things. It comes with avocado, sprouts, tomato, lettuce, cucumbers, and I substituted Jack cheese for cheddar and mayo for their pesto spread. All on their hearty multigrain bread. Each lunch meal came with a Snickerdoodle. How awesome is that?

Let’s not forget some family portraits.
Alley didn’t want to take a part of photos. Then again, neither did I..

As much as it was a good time, overall the experience was neutral. My honest opinion, I’d say go here when you feel like spending quite a few bucks. The food was good, but not a huge “must try” when you simply could make the stuff at home. The omelette guy was pretty rude to his customers as we were seated right near his station, hearing his every sentence. We also didn’t receive waters for the first ten minutes after we were seated and the place wasn’t busy at all. Our waiter wasn’t very observant to his tables when each needed something (sorry cute guy, points docked for this). Though it wasn’t a big deal, but my sandwich came with a choice of fries or a salad. I chose the salad because I was sneaking some potatoes from Kyle’s plate, but ended up with the fries. Too much carbs, man.

I’d say the next time we try it out again, we check out the wine tasting room that’s located in the very back.


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