After trying to settle differences on food preferences – whether it was to try out Jack’s Urban Eats or Beach Hut Deli or just making food at home, we drove past a couple Mexican restaurants and came to an agreement: Mexican sounded really good.

We ended up at Kico’s, located on Arden. When we got inside, you could tell we were there for an early dinner because the place was dead. We were seated and I had a strange sense of deja vu as I was looking around – I had once been there years ago when my Uncle that lives in LA was in town. I’m talking when I was a kid, when my mom was still around. Funny, where Kyle and I were seated, the across booth from us was where I sat the time I was here.

The waitress brought us some chips and salsa to munch on as she gave us menus to look through and took our drinks. Our waitress was a sweet elderly woman, why on Earth is she still working?? Poor thing.

She also brought us some bean dip. That was nice of her.

A guy came and took our order and helped us with a couple questions we had to become the deciding factor. I was also looking at their margarita and daiquiri choices, and most of them sounded great, but I opted out of alcohol this one time..

Either the kitchen staff cooks really fast or I was too interested in the bean dip, but I swear our food came out literally five minutes later after placing it in.

Kyle and I ended up getting combination plates. I chose the Choose Two Customer Favorite with a cheese enchilada and a shrimp taco. The shrimp taco was personally selected when I asked the waiter if there was a way I could switch because I don’t eat meat. To my surprise, he told me it was perfectly fine that I could! I like this place. Anyway, the shrimp was tender and full of flavor. I’m not a huge fan of corn tortillas, but I this was acceptable for what I got. I ended up taking the enchilada home, but when I had it, it was the most cheesiest thing I’ve ever had and it was fantastic.

Fun fact, it’s pretty disgusting on how much I enjoy cheese. Just for future reference..

Kyle got the Choose Three Customer Favorite with a beef taco, enchilada suiza, and I forgot what the burrito looking one was, but it was topped with more beef. Looking at the beef, it looked too charred for me if I still ate meat, but Kyle said it was good. I’ll take his word for it.

Combo plates came with re-fried beans, Spanish rice, and salad, but then again, what Mexican entree doesn’t come with that? The beans were alright while the rice went better with the enchilada sauce smothered in it since it was too moist. I never eat the salad. I never have.

Being stuck in a food coma for the longest, I would say that Kico’s was a success and the best choice. If only I can remember the experience I had back then, but who really remembers the little details of their childhood? Any Mexican food cravings, this place will definitely satisfy.


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