Shoki Ramen House.

There comes a moment in every Asian kid’s life where a ramen craving must be satisfied. Kyle looked up a place and we were on our way there.

Shoki Ramen house, located on the corner of 12th and R St. Home of various ramen bowls and takes the time to care about vegetarian/vegan diets. Even their menu encourages their customer to ask for no meat if needed. They have points in my book for this. The building inside looked similar to the ramen game I play on my phone, Ramen Celebrity. The game is basically like Diner Dash, but with ramen. If you never heard if it, I suggest you play it now.

Anyway, back to the food…

Kyle ordered a side rice dish to munch on before the ramen. I forgot what it was, but the rice was delicious.

I simply just got the Shoyu just for new restaurant try. Comes with a piece of nori, spinach, bean sprouts, bamboo, and chashu, but I asked for no chashu. I did add shiitake mushrooms and tomago. It was a basic bowl, but it was still good nonetheless.

Kyle had the Tan Tan Men. Comes with the same veggies mine had, but with a spicier broth base and minced beef. You order the broth according to spice. I tried some of it, and wow it was pretty intense. It wasn’t taste spicy, but more like a burning sensation in the back of the throat, forcing you to cough.

We ordered the regular bowls, but with the amount of food that came inside was too much. We ended up taking the last half home. I’ll be keeping this place on my list of satisfied cravings. Until then, I’ll just enjoy what’s left of my noodley goodness.


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