Kicked Up Mac and Cheese.

Living with my dad, he would always make his own mac and cheese from scratch with flair. I also have this coworker that loves to tell me all these dinners she and her husband make from time to time. I decided to use both my dad’s cooking skills and my coworker’s taste in food to take it upon myself and create some of my own mac and cheese recipe for a change.

Of course with every mac and cheese dish, it always has the same base: the pasta. I would’ve went with a different noodle, but considering we have like ten of these boxes in the cupboard because of a story Kyle told me months ago, might as well finish this batch up. Another problem that I always come across when cooking is not enough pot space to do anything. Thinking that putting two boxes in two different 10 quart pots would be the best idea, later on became the worst idea. I need to invest in a bigger pot. Anyway, back to the recipe. Boil and sit for however long you like. When it comes to pasta, I believe that it’s all based on preference, so I never have a set cook time. I usually just go with what feels right with me.

Meanwhile when the noodles are cooking, I cooked up some veggie bacon. Feel free to use real bacon or any meat of preference. I just happen to want bacon. After cooked to crunch, I broke pieces to mix in with the batch later on.

After your pasta is to perfection and drained, the fun begins. My dilemma starts when I don’t have room to mix, thus having to separate the noodles a bit at a time to mix everything it. A splash of milk and your cheese of interest. I found it best to use shredded cheese because it melts faster (logic 101). I also keep the stove top at medium heat when mixing so that the cheese does melt, of course. Mix thoroughly to a creamy, cheesy consistency. Don’t forget your bacon bits.

This is where my coworker came into this meal. She tells me of this pasta dish she made a few days ago with pesto in it. Me, being the pesto lover I am, decided to use a little it in just for added flavor. Just a couple spoonfuls will do. You don’t want to overpower the dish. Also make sure to not add too much of the oils.

At the end of slaving away in a 90 degree kitchen in a 80 degree house, you’ll end up with a gigantic bowl of never ending cheesy noodle supply. Dilemma two, I didn’t have a big enough bowl to hold two pounds of pasta until I ate a good sum of it.

I hope Kyle’s hungry by the time he’s off of work. We’ve got food to last us a week now..


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