Rick’s Dessert Diner.

Going down Fair Oaks to J Street, there is a quaint little diner on the corner of 24th, but it’s not the kind of diner you would expect. This is a 50’s themed restaurant strictly dedicated to deserts all over.

When you walk in, you immediately follow the crowd of people in line deciding their next sweet tooth craving. Further along the register are a few glass cases of all kinds of dessert: cakes, pies, tarts, cream puffs, cannoli’s, ice cream, etc.

The red velvet looked bomb!

After you pay, you feel free to pick a spot to indulge in your sweet heaven on a plate. Off to the wall on the right is complementary water to take as much as you need. And halfway through your treat, you’ll definitely be filling your cup an infinite amount of times.

Kyle got the Chocolate Raspberry Mouse Torte. By the looks of it, it looks refreshing because of the raspberry fruit inside, but the amount of chocolate might come back to haunt you later.

I, myself, can’t pass up a good Tiramisu. Everything about it was a melt in your mouth sensation. Unfortunately the cream was so hearty that I couldn’t finish the last two bites. Nonetheless, one of the best Tiramisus I’ve had.

Not only can you satisfy a sweet tooth, but you can also buy a cake for an occasion, as long as you give them three days in advance. Yes, they’re pretty pricey, but I think for what you get and then some, it’s totally worth every cent.

This was my second visit while it was Kyle’s first. I came here with my coworker a couple months ago and had the Chocolate Mint Cake. Very rich, very delicious.

If you’re looking for a place that will guarantee a sugar rush, this place is your definite go to.


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