Fifteen Year Tour.

Disclaimer one: There is no actual name for this tour. I just created one based on the event and the music itself.

Weeks before establishing we were going to Warped Tour, one of my idols had posted an upcoming show on his Instagram. I tagged Kyle on it and he agreed. A week later, I bought tickets to see William Beckett and Aaron Gillespie.

The show was held at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, which is about 30 minutes away. I’ve been there once a couple months ago when Kyle’s coworker invited us to see a show there. I took photos for that, but totally forgot about them months after which is why it was never talked upon here, oops. Anyway, the venue is this tiny little shack thing, but the cool thing about it is that bands that play there are free to roam around as they please. No worries of kids bombarding them or security to be up their butts. It’s a good chill venue. I knew exactly where to sit at because I brought sidekick along, so I made sure we get there early enough to claim our spot.

Nathan Hussey.

The first guy on stage was Nathan Hussey from the band All Get Out. I’ve never heard of him or the band, but I listened to him anyway. To me, he sounded like a country version of Nate Ruess from fun. But this was an acoustic show, so he could sound a lot different when performing with the rest of the band..? I don’t know, but I’ll definitely check them out before I make my final decision on them.

Disclaimer two: Most photos will be in black and white because the lights were super harsh that the editing programs I have won’t help much..

William Beckett.
Next performer was William Beckett. Now before I continue with the review, disclaimer three: I must quickly add a side story to this whole thing. You guys like my stories, right?

Anyway, William Beckett is known for being in the band The Academy Is….
If asked what my all time favorite band is, TAI will always be my number one. I grew up with this band. They were the definition of my teenagehood. They understood me, I understood them. They were the reason why everything was beautiful and nothing hurt (not really). I’ve seen them live too. I still remember it like it was yesterday, November 3rd, 2007 in New Hampshire. My first show ever as well. How could I not forget it? I remember waiting all night just to meet William, and I did.

This man right here is my idol, my hero. Without his music and his lyrics, I don’t know what my future would’ve been like. TAI gave me a purpose and I thank them every time I listen to them. If you don’t know who they are, I HIGHLY suggest you check them out, but don’t expect new music from them. In 2011, the guys disbanded and went their separate ways. Honestly, it felt like my world shattered. I never knew how much a band could impact me so much up until that point.

Fast forward years later, here I was in the same venue as William once again. He was at the merch booth and I casually walked up to him (after scoping out the merch from the others). I said hi and all that and I told him that I’ve waited eight years to see him again. Actually, this is how the conversation went down:
Me: Hi, William.
William: Hey, how’s it going?
Me: All right. How are you?
William: I’m doing well.
Me: You know it took eight years to see you again..
William: Oh, really?
Me: Yeah the first and last time was back in ’07 when you guys were THE band.
William: Oh wow! Where was this at?
Me: I can’t remember the name of the venue, but it was in New Hampshire.
William: Wow!
Me: Yeah, so it’s been eight long years.
William: … but we’re here now.
Me: Yes, yes we are.

I thanked him for everything and went on my way, not until after I got what I went there for:

He liked the photo after I posted it on Instagram. I love this guy, so much.

Anyway, back to the review. His set was nostalgic in some areas. He played some of his solo music, but also played a couple songs from TAI. My heart cried with pure joy. Eight years to retain what kept me alive this whole time. I hope I can see him again very soon.

.. I also wonder how the others are doing.

Ferril Davis.

No, he’s not a performer for the night, but he was there to sponsor his non-profit. As I was inching closer to William’s booth, this guy tells me about his organization. It’s called Music Makes Music, and it’s basically bands around performing at various schools and motivating kids to become involved with music and live a drug free life. Check it out, I can definitely see this changing lives one child at a time.

Aaron Gillespie.

Aaron Gillespie. If you don’t know him, you guys live under a rock or something. Kidding. He was known as the drummer/singer for UnderOath and his side project of The Almost. UnderOath was Kyle’s band back in the day – I would say roughly the same time when TAI was mine. I remember that the band was having their farewell tour and Kyle wanted to go. When I looked up tickets, his heart broke when I told him their dates weren’t playing around us. The closest show was in Arizona or something. It was only natural that Kyle would say yes to this show since he missed out on his chance three years ago.

I used to listen to UnderOath and The Almost back then too, so every song performed was pure nostalgia. Songs from both bands and his own music, nothing could be better. Even after the show, I mentioned that I felt like I was 15 again.

After the show, Kyle and I walked to the booth to get at least get something to remember the night. Aaron, of course, was there running the booth. The guy is such a dork, it was entertaining. Next in line, I bought Kyle a shirt and they talked for a while. I had already said my hi when creeping towards William’s booth earlier. After Aaron giving Kyle some music advice, we snapped a quick photo.

I would have to say that this show was the best for far this year. Everything about it was amazing, just childhood excitement can make me a whole different person. I will never forget this night, and I’m sure Kyle won’t either as much as he says he doesn’t fangirl..


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