The New One Minute Manager.

Here’s a simple story of a young man that wants to know more of this prestigious manager/entrepreneur that is well known around his town. He sets up an appointment to meet with the manager to basically interview him. At the manager’s office after meeting, he tells the young man that he became what as known as a One Minute Manager and that there are three secrets of how to become one yourself. The young man of course asks what the secrets are, but the manager tells him to meet three special people of his to tell him everything. It took the young man two days to talk to these people, hearing their stories and each secret. After retrieving all three, he meets up with the manager once more to evaluate what he just learnt. In the end, the young man ends up with a job with this manager and ends up becoming a One Minute Manager himself.

Of course you know by now after the synopsis that this wasn’t an intentional read. In fact, my manager himself had me read this since I am now officially a supervisor in training. It was a simple read with only 94 pages with big enough font to finish over the course of one day. I honestly liked every word in this book. Not only could you use it in your job, business, or future career, but you can also apply these secrets in everyday life. And these secrets aren’t a secret at all, but they can be helpful in any situation. Don’t let the general idea of this book keep you from being interested, I highly recommend this to just about anyone. These “secrets” are what everyone needs in their life. Check it out, let me know what you think.


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