Warped Tour 2015.

Once again, the best time of the entire year comes back. This date was held at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. I’ve been to the at Warped ’11, so I knew this place fairly well.

Friday night, Kyle and I went to Katy and Juan’s place to crash for the night since we were all going together plus Juan’s younger brothers, their roommate, and a couple other friends of theirs. The plan was to leave by 7:30 in the morning to get a quick breakfast and head on the road. However, we had to pick up a few things here and there and wait on some others to get to the house and all that we didn’t leave until 9. Which was still good timing, but we didn’t account for the traffic that we were about to hit. The roads were backed up and we passed by four accidents that were filled with, you guessed it, kids heading for Warped Tour. When we got closer, we stopped by Jack in the Box for our brunch since we didn’t eat breakfast. Once we headed back to get to the venue, I definitely kept a timer on. The roads were so congested that we officially didn’t get into the venue until a little past 1 pm. There goes a handful of bands. I bought a schedule and we mapped out the bands we wanted to see and then some.


So I was debating whether I should bring Sidekick or not, but I ended up trying to sneak her in and it totally worked. I also just took photos for the day since I thought that taking video as well was doing too much.

Anyway, back to the band. So I only know them when Jonny Craig was part of the group, so ask me about their new music, I haven’t a clue. We ended up making it to the last couple songs before they were done with their set. We enjoyed the music and tried to narrow down the next set of bands on the list.

August Burns Red.

Katy and Juan wanted to see them, so we checked them out. I only know of them, never listened to them. While Katy and Juan were enjoying the music, the rest of us looked at the schedule and noticed that most of the bands we wanted to see were at the same area, stages left and right, which was perfect. They were literally back to back with a couple filler bands. After them, stage right was Miss May I. That’s when I left to look around.

We traveled around a stage playing a band and a couple booths here and there, searching for Adam Elmakias’ tent. Kyle then wanted to look at This Wild Life’s merch and I ended up noticing that the singer of the band was standing right there. I nudged Kyle to look over and he was in awe as they talked for a while.

We looked around some more and glanced at more bands here and there. I told Kyle that this area was when I first saw The Ready Set and Simple Plan back in ’11. Oh, the memories.

I did ended up finding Adam’s tent. Since I bought Kyle’s food for the morning, he bought me a beanie.

The Wonder Years.

One of Kyle’s bands on the list. I know maybe three songs from them because they are always on repeat when Kyle’s DJ for the day. I do like these guys though, energetic and meaningful. They are part definition of pop punk. I’d see them again, only without breakable items.

I also saw this girl’s tattoo and really liked it, so I took a picture of it. It’s not creepy or anything, right?


I saw these guys last year and known about them through Kyle. I hated this band because of one song, but when I saw them last Warped and how dumb this band is put all together, I appreciated them a little more because it’s so bad. The one thing I can never understand is this guy, Fronz. I know everything about him is part of the gimmick, but I guess it’s because I’m not a fan that I will never understand.


While Stage Right was playing Attila, the next band was a filler on Left, and Right would be Pierce The Veil. The area we were standing at was a perfect spot for my camera view and Katy’s safety because she’s pregnant. We decided to stay at that spot, but regretted it because of Stage Left’s next performance.


Never once would I never thought I would see NeverShoutNever in my life. So to be blunt about Christopher Drew, I hate this kid. So much. With a passion. He’s rude, he’s cocky, and most of the time his fans mean nothing to him. Why would I support an artist like that? Granted, I’ll give him that I like two songs of his, but as a musician as a whole, he should’ve never became one. Fame definitely went to his head over time.

Unfortunately because I did see him, I have to add him to my list. Dammit.

Pierce The Veil.

After surviving that 30 minutes of Stage Left, next was the only band I came to see… which was honestly such a disappointment set wise. So basically we ended up having to move from our safe spot because kids of all ages shoved their way to the big crowd. We ended up to the very back of the crowd. We couldn’t see a damn thing at all. Not even Sidekick could get a clear shot, and I had my zoom lens attached, making this photo the ONLY decent photo of all of them. Also, there was an accident with Tony that he’s unable to tour with the first half of Warped, so the band brought in an Asian filler. Because of this, the set only lasted less than 15 minutes. And all the songs but one were ones from Collide With The Sky once again. I love them, but I don’t know how much more of CWTS I can take. Hopefully they release their new album before they tour again. New music for the win.

Senses Fail.

I was supposed to see them two years ago, but because I was in Fresno for a week, I had to give up my ticket, making this my first time seeing them. This is also one of Kyle’s bands, but I knew these guys from back in high school. I don’t know a lot of their songs, but from what I do remember of them brought back a lot of memories. I’m glad I got the chance to hear them live.

Crap, he spotted me lol.


We walked back to Stage Left to see who was playing and these guys were on, so we watched them for a little while. Second time seeing them and I still don’t know one song from them, and I have their discography in my iPod haha. All I know is their Aerosmith cover, if that counts. They do make good models for photos though, thus becoming the best set of photos I have in this entire album. No joke.

Walking furthermore, there was this guy standing on top of a truck, throwing free stuff to everyone. I like free stuff too.

I was also getting really hungry since all I ate the entire day was a small side salad at Jack in the Box. Totally filling. When hunger strikes at events like these, it’s really the worst because there are NO veggie options for me. All that was being served was hot dogs and bar-be-que. You’d think with all these people that work for PETA, they’d have vegetarian meals around. I’ll have to recommend that for next year. Anyway, we ended up finding this Korean food truck that had tofu dishes. I ended getting a burrito that was a waste of $13. Sure it was huge enough to share between two people, but all it pretty much was was chunks of tofu with a thin layer of teriyaki sauce that didn’t even taste like teriyaki sauce, shredded lettuce, and plain rice. I could’ve made this at home 10 times better for free. Venue prices.

Motion City Soundtrack.

Okay, who the eff remembers these guys?! This is freaken nostalgia for the win! Commit This To Memory, the best album ever! It’s a shame they had such a small crowd, but we all knew who was there since forever ago. We were the best group of the day, hands down haha.

Riff Raff.

The guys wanted to watch this guy just for the fun of it. I didn’t know who this guy was, until one familiar song was played. If I hear that “Tiptoeing In My Jordans” song one more time, I’m going to lose it.

Metro Station.

If you want to talk about Lexi’s nostalgia, Metro Station was the biggest for me. I’ve been listening to them since day one. I’m talking MySpace days. Katy was joking about seeing them, but I was serious. They broke up for some time and I didn’t even realize they had gotten back together last year! They played a couple new songs, but their self titled (only album they made) was where it’s at. Playing oldies, but goodies-I freaken cried when they played Kelsey. It was so beautiful, it hurt with memories. Third band to make me cry.

Icon For Hire.

Kyle and I stayed behind to discover a new band for once. All I have to say is, finally a chick band that’s not trying to be the next Paramore! Don’t get me wrong, I love Paramore, but if you noticed, every chick singer in a band tries to act like Hayley, it’s getting pretty redundant. I’ll be checking out this group sometime soon to familiarize myself more. Hopefully they won’t disappoint me with all this Para-stuff going around these days.

We passed by a band called Candy Hearts. I would say we checked them out, but they were taking too long to mic up that we ended up just leaving after 7 minutes. I just really like this picture too.

We walked toward our last stage for the day, but Kyle wanted to check out the Motion City Soundtrack merch. He bought the Commit This To Memory vinyl, and this happened.


Still not a fan, but the guys wanted to see them for the last band of the night. If it were up to me, I would’ve chosen Memphis May Fire to be honest, but whatever. The difference being that I now know a couple of their songs, so I was able to enjoy myself. Also, the vocalist gained a lot of weight since when we saw them in November. Double chin status.

The whole was was pretty fun. I enjoyed myself, even if I only had two says in bands. Next time, my goal is to establish more veggie friendly options and find a way to retrieve a photo pass somewhere. Photo pits, here I come.


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