Thai Me Up.

Sunday, I visited my dad for an early Father’s Day treat (since I won’t be in town on that day). We got caught up and I gave him the small gifts I got him. Then we decided to go out somewhere to have a bite and a couple of drinks… which turned out to be more than two. I remember my dad’s old coworker and husband had opened a restaurant on the Mile somewhere, so I had to check the place out.

First thing’s first, the name of the place was called Thai Me Up. Yes, you guessed it: they serve Thai based dishes. It’s actually located fairly close to my dad’s place, between CoCo Ro’s and La Palma. Turn left on La Palma and if you see white patio seating on the left, there it is.

Of course you have to start the evening right. My dad told me they had more than a few specialty drinks. I tried about half of them, oops. My first and second taste was a Muay Thai Punch. It’s like that of a Tequila Sunrise, but more fruity. You definitely cannot taste the alcohol, but don’t let your taste buds fool you. This thing will come back to haunt you later on in your visit.

They have a small menu, of course, but they have tapa/small dishes, so my dad and I stuck with that and just ordered whatever.

First was their Shrimp Ceviche. You can order it according by spice. I went with mild to be on the safe side for now. You can definitely taste the lemon juice used for this, but overall the best appetizer ever.

My first time trying authentic spring rolls, and they were really good. They used just enough cilantro in theirs. And don’t get me started on the peanut sauce it comes with on the side. I could eat these things all day!

I forgot what the name of this salad, but this spring mix has a fried egg on top! It really makes the best difference. Props to that salad though, because the one thing I hate about restaurant salads is that almost all places overkill the salad with too much dressing. This place didn’t. It was just the right amount with enough flavor to enjoy.

Time for another drink! I ordered a Red Light District, a vodka drink. I think it’s just a simple vodka cran, but I think they add one more thing to it. I can’t remember..

After our first three dishes, my dad kept insisting on trying out more. Fun fact, when drunk, I’m a complete failed vegetarian. I ended up ordering their chicken dumplings. Pretty good, but there was less chicken and more wonton. Good thing for me, right? Served with some sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

My dad ordered the Pork Belly Fat. Of course, I tried one. The top layer was crunchy like a chicharone (you’ll know them as Pork Rind chips you can get at any convenient store), the second layer was just a thin strip of the fat, and the bottom later was the meat itself. It was really good as it soaked up most of the alcohol in my system, but because I don’t eat foods like that anymore, it definitely killed my stomach.

This drink isn’t even on the menu yet, and I had the chance to try it. It’s their house whiskey, sliced peaches, blackberries, mint, and honey. The sweetness cut through the harshness of the whiskey, but it was fantastic. Can’t wait to see how this one plays out when on the menu.

When we got there, my dad’s coworker told us that she was in the process of making Creme Brulee. And it was one of the bests I ever had. Perfect consistency, sugar burnt just the right amount, and it came with a candied ginger. This will also be on the menu soon as three different varieties, so look out for that as their first desert menu!

My last drink was a Bangkok Bay. Their version of a Tokyo Tea. Good, but nothing to get thrilled over.

My intention was to treat my dad out, but $130 later, my dad wasn’t having it. He ended up stealing the bull from me, and I made him let me pay the tip. Jerk. Kyle ended up picking us both up since we were drunk as eff at that point. At least I was anyway. I had a haircut due later that day. I’m surprised I didn’t mess it up by swaying back and forth like I was all night haha.

Anyway, whenever you guys are on the Miracle Mile in Stockton, definitely try this place out. There are more items than just the tapas, so feel free to explore. Drinks are great, food is delicious, and the atmosphere is just perfect. When you go, tell the owners that Lexi says hi!


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