Busy Week.

I have not been super busy as I have this week for the longest. Everyday was definitely something new. Last week, I was off Wednesday and Thursday, and I enjoyed those days like crazy because I was not looking forward to my schedule for the next week… which was changed last minute.

To start off with that weekend, this was my last chance to study up as I was about to be certified for Front of House for my supervisor training on Sunday. I was then talking to my Assistant about what came up as a changed schedule to start my next sections. I did agree upon everything she told me, but was not looking forward to the labor hours. Sunday came around and there was much homework to look over and brush up.

.. and that’s not even half the notes for Front of House. I ended up passing, of course, but I am glad my General Manager provided me with feedback to look over for the next time another certification comes around. Mind you, including this one, there are five certifications in total.

Monday, I started my Heart of House training, which means I was scheduled to open the kitchen from 6 am to 2 pm. I learned to prep various items and I had a little too much fun with my knife skills that I currently have a blister on my finger to this day. There are three stations in the kitchen, so I started with my salad training.

I know what you’re thinking, “how hard is it to make a salad?” Well, you have to know proper builds and ingredient portions, as well as making them all in a lunch rush time limit, it gets pretty frantic up in there. Monday was just learning material, Tuesday I was flying solo. I’m glad Monday and Tuesday are our slowest days, otherwise I’d be screwed.

Wednesday couldn’t make things more fun as the reason for my schedule change was because my Assistant wanted to get my Bakery certification out of the way. Granted, it was only three days worth of training, but I had to be at the Roseville store from 3 to 11 am! I have never experienced this kind of exhaustion before.

Wednesday was learning material once again and some hands on training. I learned how to make our bread’s dough and how to shape them. It’s a tedious process, but overall fun at the same time.

Do you want to build a Doughman?

Too late, already did.
Thursday was a refresher and more note taking. Friday, I was solo. I made those breads like a boss.
Anyway, certification came down and I passed with only three days of training (technically we’re supposed to have 10 days). I was proud and found a whole new appreciation of our breads. There’s a lot of work built into them. Without a single loaf, I wouldn’t have this most amazing job. I’m going to miss that bakery.

Seven days later with all morning shifts, and I am so happy to finally have a day off. Exhaustion is just an understatement of how I felt all week long. Of course while I’m home, my studying continues. Two certifications down, three more to go.


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