Rodriguez Wedding.

Post 27|30

On April 27th, two great friends of mine finally tie the knot to become one. I have never been more happy for these two ever.

The day started out with me and a long opening shift. The previous day, I asked my Assistant and GM if there was a way I could leave early, and they told me there shouldn’t be a problem with it at all. They ended up pulling my till out two hours early versus the hour I asked. The timing didn’t matter anyway since Kyle still wanted to pick me up at one. I had to change in the car, and never again will I do that again. I lied, I know there will be that one urgent time.

We ended up in Stockton quite early that we expected, but we were all still a little behind schedule. Katy called me to ask if I had brought my camera. Of course, duh! She then told me how their photographer might have flaked because he wasn’t answering their calls. I ended getting the job as photographer, not that I really cared since I was going to take photos regardless. We get to their house and everyone was a frantic mess. Weddings can be stressful.

Katy and I ended up at the courthouse around 2:40 and her family was there, waiting for everything to start. I got to meet her parents and I asked about their photographer. Her dad tells me that the guy wasn’t going to show up for another thirty minutes. “Professionalism”. I ended up with the ceremony and reception photos.

I’m getting ahead of the story here. The ceremony started about fifteen minutes after the guys showed up. We then were all led into a tiny room where they said their vows, exchanged promises, and became one together.

The reception was at Papapavlo’s and the place screamed out “expensive”. The food was fantastic and the company was inviting. I don’t think they could ask for a better wedding day.

Congratulations Katy and Juan. Life just wouldn’t be the same without you two together. I wish you guys the best of luck and I can’t wait to meet the little ones soon. I love you both.


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