Exciting Things Are On The Way..

Post 29|30

Everything that could’ve gone wrong today did go wrong:
~ I was thirty minutes late for another opening shift.
~ I was caught up, but was super behind on my pastry case and my retail table.
~ I forgot my name tag.
~ First order when we unlock the doors was a order of eight items and was upset that no one told her about our catering line.
~ I felt gross all day because of being late. Think about this.

But a little glimmer of hope came my way in just a split second.

My GM came up to me when I was bussing a table. He tells me that my “name popped up in conversation”. I immediately was like “oh, great”. He laughed and told me it was good news. Apparently him and my Assistant were talking behind closed doors and both came to an agreement. After he told me the news, I was shocked. Another reason why he told me right there and then was because he “got tired of waiting for me to ask”. I laughed and told him that I felt that it wasn’t my place to ask since I was still new to the store and that my answer was a definite yes.

So pretty soon, I will be starting my training to become a shift supervisor for the store.

Everything I worked for all led up to this point. I have worked so hard for this and now it’s finally offered to me. I’m definitely not going to let them down, let alone myself.

The saying is true. Good things DO happen to those who wait.


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