Busy Life.

Post 28|30

There were a lot of errands Kyle and I had to do that we kept putting off, so I thought we’d do them today since he had the day off and I was out of work at two. After he picked me up, we went home, cleaned our bedroom finally, did laundry, tidied up the rest of the house. After, we quickly went to the Dollar Tree for picture frames for gifts I’m about to give, went to Target for a scale, and Save Mart for food for my diet (more on that later). Meanwhile, I’m running on six hours of sleep within the past two days and I have mostly opening shifts this week, I was so exhausted, I had mood swings for days, it was unfortunate. This is where I also created my cheat post since I was some days behind on postings.

And now I’m all caught up. Cheating the system for the win.

I also don’t have a photo for the day, but I did come across this during my break. I was reading an article about photos of children crying over the dumbest things. I died when I saw this one. Enjoy.


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