All About Rude Customers.

Post 24|30

Taking a photo break on a personal note here…

I’m sure everyone here had at least one customer that got under their skin. I, too, had my fair share of them. What do I do to keep my cool? I try to settle with them or it becomes one ear, out the other. Today was a different story, however.

I was on a register today for half my shift and this couple comes up to me. The guy says “I would like a ham and cheese sandwich, and we’ll split it.” We have a couple ham and cheese sandwiches and I asked him, “Would you like a ham and brie sandwich, or is this something completely modified?” The guy looks at me blankly, “I’ve never been asked that question. I just want a ham and cheese sandwich.”
Me: I understand that. We have a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches, or we can make up a sandwich to your liking.
Guy: Well whenever I come here, I always ask for a ham and cheese sandwich and they always knew what it was.
The guy didn’t want to give me a hint of what sandwich had that he always “gets”, so then I say “well it could be the ham and brie.” He gave me one nod, so I decide to go with that. Then he asks for a dozen snickerdoodle cookies. I then explain to him that I would have to check on the cookies because we may not have twelve of them at the time and he was fine with that. So I quickly look and tell him that we have the twelve he wanted. I grabbed a glove and tried to get him his dozen. Then I hear “well can I pay first?” I look at him with an “I’m sorry?” because I wanted to make sure I heard him right. He then looks at what I was doing and said “oh, you’re getting them for me now?” I nod with agreement and went back to fetching his cookies. I go back to the register to total him up and he was sitting at the to go area pouting for some reason. I finish my transaction and tell him the price was around $32 dollars (I can’t remember the exact amount). He refused to get off the chair, so his girlfriend or whoever she was to him walked up and tried to pay. He finally gets up and asks me again how much the total was in which I told him the exact dollar amount. He then looks at me really sternly.
Guy: $32 for a sandwich??
Me: And the twelve cookies.
Guy: How is it $32?? Last time I came here, the price was $20 something dollars. Someone much have charged me something different.
Me: I’m sorry. Do you know who it was you spoke to last?
Guy: You know what, just give me six cookies. This is why you shouldn’t have grabbed them until I was sure I wanted them. And you shouldn’t be handling food and touching money. That’s not right.

Two things to clarify up here.
One: He was sure he wanted the cookies.
Two, I’m wearing new gloves each transaction and I haven’t touched the guy’s money yet.

I took out six cookies away and voided them out in the system. Total coming to roughly what he said it should’ve been.

Me: Okay, so your total now is $20— (blah blah I can’t remember the amount).
Guy: This is so stupid. The price is stupid. Why are you-how do you go about doing this??
Me: Well this is my thing, this is my job.
Guy: Well your job is stupid and everything you’re doing is stupid.

Before this guy came into my life, I had other things on my mind so the situation didn’t help, but after he pretty much said I was stupid, I cried. Right in front of him and his girl that didn’t do anything to stop him. I kept apologizing to him, but he wasn’t having it. He tried to tell me it’s not my fault, but in my opinion, if he really was sorry, he wouldn’t make a little girl cry like that when she’s trying to help.

I quickly gave him his change and bolted to the back. I was shaken up to where a few people came up to me and told me that they were sorry I had to put up with him. Two of my coworkers saw what happened and wish they had stepped in. One of my supervisors wanted to beat the living daylights out of him. My assistant came to me and told me that I was okay for doing what I did, but if it happens again, that I should go to a manager. I also explained my side and told her how I felt SUPER bad for doing what I did. I mean, I’m up in front, supposed to be the representation of the store, but here I am, crying my eyes out in front of people. She understood, but she also told me it was okay and just to take my time whenever I was ready. I took no longer than a minute to clean myself up because I didn’t want to hold back my team because of a minor incident. After a face wipe down and I was good to go.

All day, people kept asking if I was okay and all. My other supervisor and I had a talk about it and what I like about her is that we both have mutual understandings. She gives the same advice I tell anyone and it feels nice knowing that someone gave me the same pep talk as I were to give someone else. Basically she told me everything I already knew: The guy was just a face, a brief memory that I’m probably going to forget in the next few months. Sure it was a overwhelming situation, but it’s not like it’ll happen on the daily. Just take it all in, exhale and let it go.

If anyone goes or has gone through the same situation, just remember that they are just another person to stay shortly in your life, don’t let them bring you down in any way. And remember that your team always has your back. I thank mine for being there for support ❤


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