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Today twenty six years ago is an important day for me. It is the birth of a special woman I know. I find it no coincidence that we have met so young and early. Three years later, I have came into this world, and then the following two changed our lives forever. The story goes of her dad and mine worked together for quite sometime and her dad offered to have my parents and I as a guest for dinner at their house. The night went well until a little incident. Apparently she and I had similar interests at the time as The Lion King was one of our favorite movies and she happened to have a Simba stuffed animal. She allowed me to play with it until it was time to leave, but you know the mind of a two year old believes what’s given to them is theirs. I accidentally took her toy and she began to hate me for life. Or at least tried. Her dad tries to reassure her, saying that I was “young and I don’t know any better. Of course that never stopped her. Fast forward to later times when she was forced to see me because of our parents. Over time, her hatred died out as we became a couple of close friends. We started having more similar interests, had sleepovers together, our families had dinners and took monthly day trips together, her mom even became my babysitter since I was home schooled for my elementary education. Everything seemed perfect, until my move away. When I moved away, of course that was my goodbye to everything I knew and everyone I saw everyday. I left us both heartbroken, but distance never kept us apart. I believe phones were invented because of our situation. Text messages and MySpace chats became the newest thing to keep us in contact. Shortly after my second week of my senior year, I moved back to my dad’s and was the biggest surprise to her. Shortly we got caught up and it was is as nothing has changed, like I never moved. Old habits took place once again and everything was perfect again. Granted I was still not living in the came city as when I left, but a two hour drive is a lot better than a three hour time change. New responsibilities came into play when a day job took over most of our time, but our contact with each other never changed.

Today is where I tell her thank you. Thank you for never leaving my side, becoming my rock and my solid. Thank you for all the fun times we shared and more to come. Thank you for all the food pranks you gave me when I was younger. Thank you for not hating me at the end for stealing your toy and becoming my best friend and my sister.

Happy 26th Birthday, Misha. I love you always ❤


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