(Un)Friendly Visits.

Post 21|30
Yesterday, we got a notice from our landlord on the door, saying between today and tomorrow, a few people will show up to do some maintenance. The kicker of all this? They let us know 12 hours in advance and the notice also stated that if we weren’t home, they were just going to let themselves in anyway to do what they came to do. Also, if we had changed the locks, they were going to break the lock anyway, having us pay for a repair. I immediately was heated up about it. No one is coming into my house while I’m away, you are all insane! That’s breaking and entering! And the fact that they gave us 12 hours notice ticked me off too. I looked back at our copy of the lease and it states that they’re supposed to give us “a reasonable amount of time”. A couple of electricians came by this morning to change out the outlets, which was not even in our concern of “repairs”. The first guy was rude, just let’s himself in without a hello. He also had the decency to move my stuff and not put it back and not turn off the light he was using before he left. The second guy was really nice about is section, asking me to move my own things and asking if he can use my light. He even cleaned up his own mess. I was cool in my books. I also asked him if they were the only guys to do this “maintenance”. He tells me that they were here for just the outlets and the other guys will come later. Great.

Stephanie and Katy came over to pick up Juan and to do a couple of things. Finally faces I’m happy to see. We had to leave for an appointment, but I really didn’t want to chance my house being broken in to. Finally I gave in and just put all valuables in the bedroom and closed the door. If anyone were to go in there, I would know. We shortly left for the mall to get Stephanie’s phone fixed at the Apple Store.

We got to the mall and a couple of stores visited weren’t on the friendly side either. Stephanie’s phone problem was an estimated hour, so she and I went to Sephora to look around and she wanted someone to teach her how to do her eyeliner perfect. The girl chosen for the job was rude to her, as she (what it looked like) purposefully made her eyeliner worse. She made the arch too thick to where the eyeliner was completely covering all of her eyelids. Stephanie wasn’t pleases with the job as she retaliated and look the eyeliner off in front of her. It made me laugh. Then we checked out Lane Bryant because it’s one of Steph’s favorite store. They have some cute things there. Steph found a measuring tape and decided to figure her (TMI) cup size just for fun. The gal noticed us playing with their property and offered to help us. She did both of ours, but I was a little offended when she told me my size was four sizes bigger than what I really am. I also knew for a fact she was lying because we played around with that size and it covered my chest and my neck. It was huge.

Thinking about these encounters helps me remember why I’m not fond of people very much, but I also have to remember that it was just a bad moment and that I shouldn’t trip over it. It’s not like I’m going to see them again.

In the meantime, I’ll just stick with dogs.


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