Spaghetti Night.

Post 20|30
Juan decided to stay one more night, so I thought I would whip up a nice meal of endless pasta.. or what it seemed to be after the fact. More on that later.

We got the noodles and the can of sauce at the store the other day, but I had to get a couple more items to make it more complete.

I cut up some mushrooms to add to the mushroom sauce. Makes sense, right? This was for my dish. I had another plan in mind for the guys.

Being guys, of course they need meat in everything. I bought a little thing of ground beef, pulled it apart, and quickly fried it.

After things got a little cooked, I added the sauce and let that heat up for some time. A little salt and pepper, and everything was ready.
… I am also to remind myself next time that when I decide to cook pasta, buy a bigger pot to use.

Back to the noodle problem, I asked Kyle how much I should use. I started off with half the package, but he told me to make it all. We now have noodles we have to finish withing the next week.

I lightly toasted a piece of bread, added a little butter, and final product. Be jealous.

The guys liked it and we were all full. A nice chill night is what we needed after last night’s mini party.

Now someone come over and help us finish the rest of the pasta.


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