Lyft Sacramento.

Post 18|30
I want to take a post off from life photos and talk about a little business called Lyft, and how much Lyft Sacramento is not worth it.

Lyft has been my other means of transportation to work and home. Stockton has served me well and I appreciate all the drivers that helped me reach my destination. Sacramento, on the other hand, is a different story. I’m not the type to complain to businesses, but this one really irked me. Yesterday’s Lyft put me on edge a little as I contacted Lyft with a brief, but honest email.

To whom it may concern,
I moved to Sacramento, CA around January and I’ve been taking Lyft rides to and from work most of the time. Since day one of using Lyft Sacramento, I am very displeased with the Sacramento drivers.
1. Most of them lack sense of direction, even when using GPS, driving completely off routes of what their GPS tells them. I believe if your passenger knows how to get to their destination, it would be easier to ask them the “best route”.
2. They do not know how to communicate well. As a passenger, I also believe that I should not be the conversation starter every ride I have. Two minutes of silence after I get in their car should not have an awkward feeling.
3. I had one driver tell me about a side business he does and tried to get me to join. He really knew how to make his passenger feel uncomfortable.
4. I felt like today’s (April 18th) driver mocked me. After he programmed my destination in his GPS, he looks at me and said, “you are literally going three blocks away.” I’m sorry he’s getting paid from me, granted the distance. During the drive, he tells me about the drought that’s happening and tells me to “get ready for it.” That made me a little uneasy. Finally when I went to pay, I noticed that the drive was still in continuation as I viewed his car icon from my app drive off. It wasn’t until he left the plaza to tell me I had to pay. I, therefore, had to pay for the extra few seconds after I was physically dropped off. This driver’s name is David and he has tattoos on his arms.
I’ve been a loyal Lyft passenger for quite some time, but ever since trying out Sacramento, I’m beginning to think twice. Until something is changed within your drivers, Uber will be in consideration.
Thank you for your time.

I also forgot to mention a time where I driver told me to meet him a block away from where I was at during pouring rain and a time where a driver admitted she was tired and almost ran two pedestrians over, but if they don’t respond to my email soon, I’ll be sure to add this. I have the letter saved just in case.

I also did a little research. Uber is cheaper than Lyft by a dollar. I don’t want to keep spending my money for rides, but I should at least give them a try.

So if anyone in Sacramento area needs a ride to somewhere, take it from my personal experiences – save your money DO NOT contact Lyft. Odds are, you will just be in the same situation as me.


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