Quarry Trail.

Post 17|30
After the show, Kim and I agreed to do another photo day the next day. She found a place out in Auburn area a few days ago and we both settled on it.

The drive there was confusing as the GPS kept backtracking routes. We eventually realized we were going around in circles and just read directions as we went along.

The description Kim sent me said there was a waterfall on the trail, so once we saw a glimpse of water, we just went for it, hoping the unknown trail will lead us somewhere.

As we reached the entrance, a random guy asked about us and gave us a little tour of the trail. He told us what’s expected further down the road and gave us a brief history lesson. The guy was awesome for doing that. Eventually he traveled on his own, but now we knew where to go if we wanted to visit a couple spots.

… he also told us there was no waterfall and that the description was false. Go figure.

We ended going off the trail down to a little river. Climbing down was difficult, but climbing back up was even worse.

Did I mention we brought the dogs? The description said it was a easy trail and dog friendly, so I brought Bailey and Chewie along. They had more fun than we did, but it’s more because they never get out much.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any shots of Bailey because her Beagle curiosity kicked in and never stood still for more than a second.

We climbed back up and tried to find more within the trail, but we figured that the scenery wasn’t going to change all that much. We then headed back for the car and headed home. In the end, we had a couple of tired puppies.

I would go back next time just because there were more trails around to check out. At least there’s lack of boredom and you can venture off wherever. Eventually, we’ll find a waterfall.


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