Post 16|30
I’m on Ace Of Spade’s e-mail list, so each month, I get lists of the next upcoming shows. One of them happened to be Lights in April and I immediately texted Kim about it. Of course she had to go off and buy the tickets then and there and tells me that it’s a birthday gift. This girl.

Kim got here around three-ish and the day began. Myself, I don’t like the thought of getting a buzz before and during a show. I like to enjoy the music, but that’s never the case when Kim’s around. We had a few beers and four shots. She was already done, but it was 7:30 and we had to go.

A band called Saint Motel played. They kind of reminded me of Weezer and HelloGoodbye combined, both the chill and electronic feel. I’ll look them up later in the future.

Of course, Kim wanted more alcohol in her system, so we rushed up to the bar. She was so drunk and I was laughing like a drunken maniac, it was pretty funny. We first get to the bar and tells the bartender to make whatever. The gal just looked puzzled and was like “uh, I don’t know what you like” and started naming off drinks. Kim just said yes to the first one: a long island. I’m not an long island person at all, but it was actually pretty good. I didn’t taste the alcohol at all. Then Kim started making friends along the way, went to the merch booth where I got a vinyl and Kim got a shirt, and raced back up to the bar to have another drink. She even made me take a shot. This girl..

Lights. One of the few females I describe as perfect. Of course the show was to promote her new album and I wish I knew more than two songs. Beside that little flaw, the show itself was fantastic.

The end of the night, Kyle came back to pick us up, quickly got El Forestero, and went home. Kim pretty much fell on the couch, half asleep. She had a long day. Kyle and I ate and went to bed. Tomorrow will only be another eventful day.


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