To Move Up.

A little story about this photo, it is actually a bar of soap I got as a gift from my supervisor. It smells so nice, I honestly thought it was a bar of candy until I read the label. Yes that happened.

Tonight’s post will be about.. well, in fact, work. I have been with the company for a year and seven months in total. Obviously, I started at the Stockton store early September of 2013, and started at the bottom of the “food chain” as would any new employee. Over time, I moved up, mainly because people were quitting left and right. I started from bussing, moved up to opening shifts. Aside from people quitting, I know I’ve earned my shifts because I was always told from my managers how well I was doing. And then I moved to Sacramento, where I started all over again. Before my first day, my GM and Assistant asked me about closing shifts and if I could do them. I told them I could, so I was back on closing the floors again. Fast forward to today, four months later, I’m back to my opening shifts. I had to pull my supervisor aside and ask why there was such a big change in my schedule. I guess it’s because there’s two of the three main openers being trained for supervisor and so they moved me up. But it’s honestly a great thing. They’ve could’ve had anyone else cover the positions, but it shows that I’ve proven myself the four months I’ve been there. I’ve been eight hours more than what I would get in Stockton, and I honestly think I won’t look back. Maybe this is me getting closer to a supervisor position myself? If so, I’ll make sure I’m well prepared because I’m ready for anything coming my way.


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