Nobody Likes You When You’re 23.

Post 11|30

Story time!
So I was trying to plan out my birthday for a month since I didn’t know how schedules will work out with everyone. I was first trying to plan to have everyone come up to Sacramento and hang out in town, but then there was a possibility of everyone drunk driving, so then I thought of having us go to Stockton. Where we were going to be at was up in the air. A week later after our vacation, Kyle calls me from work and tells me he worked the whole week, thus couldn’t establish my birthday plans. I was furious. This was the first time in a long time I really cared about celebrating my birthday, and I felt like Kyle’s work just took a dump on everything. At that point, I hated his job and also told him that “if this was a joke or a surprise along the way, it’s not funny”. I was in tears, I wanted to punch someone and something. Eventually I accepted defeat and then he tells me he got the shift switched with someone, so he had to work the morning shift. I called my friend, Stephanie, and told her about everything, so we made a plan to have me come out to Stockton to hang with my dad for a while and hang out with everyone else after they were done with work/school.

I ate at my dad’s and we shared a bottle of champagne. A couple little facts about this brand: it was made from director, Francis Coppola and named it after his daughter, Sofia. The family tree keeps going if you know the people I’m talking about. Sofia is actually cousins with the band Rooney’s Robert Schwartzman (you’ll also know him as Michael Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries) and Jason Schwartzman (the main villain from Scott Pilgrim, I forgot his name lol). The three are also distant cousins with Nicholas Cage. The more you know..

My friend, Katy, picked me up and we stopped off at a couple shops. We met up with Stephanie at Target at the end, and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings because she’s never ate there. When we got there, I saw my old coworker, Ashley. I wished she was our waitress, she would’ve hooked it up. I was already on my seventh drink for the day and I happily ate my chicken wrap I was forced to eat. The sauce made up for it, so I can’t really can’t complain.

I also got a bottle of sauce from the store because it was my birthday. I can’t wait to cook with it.
There was also this drunk guy that was buying shots for everyone that had a birthday, and there were quite a few. I turned mine down because he weirded us out at the beginning, coming to our table and almost sitting with us. Weird.

Supposedly we were heading to Zack and Aaryn’s place to have desert, but what *did* happen was nothing I ever expected. After BWW, we headed to their place and Stephanie told Zack to open the garage. Seconds later, there was a crowd of people, shouting “surprise” in front of my face. So everything I was told for the day was a fat lie. Kyle never had work, Stephanie never had school, everyone else was not too busy. I wanted to punch them all for keeping this from me, but in the end, I forgave them.

The party began with beer pong and a lot of drinking. That was pretty much the entire night anyway. I was the only female that didn’t troll, just for the record.

Later on the night, Zack and Aaryn hosted a drag show with their friends.

Carissa Schaft (Aaryn)

Mandi Penn-Syde (Zack)
… and if you ever want to know how they came up with their drag names, just sound them out really slow. You’ll figure it out soon.

Miz. Charm

Mileena Lynn (Justin)

Katana Rei

A couple years ago, I was on the internet like always and found the most perfect cake ever. It was Blink 182 theme and it had one of their art covers with a lyric on the side. I never thought it would be mine in the future.

The whole night turned out to be a success and the party lasted until around three. Kyle and I passed out at Zack and Aaryn’s for the night

I just wanted to thank everyone that showed up. I love you guys so much and I could never ask for better friends. You guys are just the best.


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