That Golden Dog.

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I’ve been following Candice Sedighan for awhile now since the first photo I saw of her dog, Champ. She’s a photographer with her model typically being her pup. Her passion led to better things over time with interviews from Yahoo!, starring on MSN’s homepage, even Good Morning recognized her. Becoming a viral sensation, Champ and Candice are very well known among the hundred thousand fans and then some.
Examples of their work as followed:

{Photos credited to Candice and Champ}

About a year ago, she posted on Instagram that a possible photo book was in the works. Fast forward to a few months later, she created a Kickstarter to fund the book. Which led me to pledge my $25 for the book and to show my support. Towards the end of 2014, she reached more than her targeted goal and happily planned out the structure of her shipments, thus leading me to eagerly await the arrival of my book. Today, I finally received the parcel I’ve been anticipating for. You can definitely see the amazing quality of her work and capture the cute sugar face of a big puppy.

The book honestly means a lot because they happen to be the inspiration of most of Bailey’s photos I’ve taken. Of course I’m not up to par with Candice’s expertise of dog photos just yet, what I’m working with is still pretty good for what I have.

If I could create a perfect living, I too would choose to just take photos of my furry best friend, but that’s for another time. Someday it will happen, but for now, we play around with props with Sidekick to capture each moment.


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